Trucker Radio Show Stations

Coast to Coast & Worldwide

We can tell you a lot more about the show in a phone call but just know that it's a two-hour show offered to stations on a barter basis with our commercials embedded within the show. Stations have six minutes per hour available to sell locally….and your sales people can sell it. We will help.

The music is a mix of today's best country, recurrents, millennium, 90's and some 80's oldies. Music is chosen to target a mature audience with limits on bro-country. Less Cheese-More Red Meat!

Off-the-wall humor is large part of what we do. Warning: We break rules.

The show is uploaded every Thursday by 3 pm in the best MP3 quality available, complete with cue sheets.


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Our weekly two hour, informative and fun show heard on great radio stations in Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia, as well as on line on Thunder Country Canada and CMR Nashville out of London, England.

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